Discover The Exact Steps to Create Your Destiny,
Get What You Want, Master Your Mind, MANIFEST MONEY, Become DANGEROUS To Attackers, KICK ASS and Take Names, and Live The Most Powerful and FUN Lifestyle You Can Imagine: As A Total Life Warrior!

Dear Friend,

What I am about to say might sound SHOCKING and OFFENSIVE to some people. If you are easily offended by IN-YOUR-FACE TRUTH and BRUTAL HONESTLY, this may not be for you.

However, if you are an honest person who believes in empowering themselves, reaching your peak potential and living in freedom, prosperity and personal power, you’re going to LOVE this!

You’ve probably heard of Scott Bolan and that’s why you’re reading this. He’s been called The Master Warrior, The Ultimate Peak Performance Coach, and The Modern Day Ninja.

All of those titles are aptly fitting, Scott is a true bad-ass! More importantly, Scott has heart. He sincerely cares about people and shows them how to get what they want, how to solve their problems and achieve their goals as true warriors in life. Scott tells it like it really is and is the “go-to guy” for those on the warrior’s path of mastery.

You see, Scott Bolan has spent a lifetime studying the Ancient and Modern Masters, and his ability to impart Warrior Wisdom and Elite Skills is unsurpassed.

Just like the Ancient Shinobi Masters, Shihan, Sigung, Sifu, Kahuna, Sadhu, and Mystic Warrior Elders, Scott Bolan is a Modern-Day Master Teacher and Mentor who will walk with you every step of the way as your friend and personal guide on the warrior’s path!

Another major difference about Scott is that he’s not about himself. He knows the importance of the teachings and trainings are NOT about him …

It’s About YOU… Getting What YOU Want!
And Living The Way YOU Want!
As ONLY A Warrior Can!

Yep. I know it may piss some sensitive people off, but I’m going to say it like it is:

ONLY Warriors can really GET What they Want and LIVE the Way They Want.

The more of a Warrior you are, the more You GET What you want!

So let’s lay the foundation:

What IS a “Warrior”?

You might think of a Warrior as a soldier, a cop, a Martial Artist, an MMA champ, or someone highly powerful and accomplished in highly competitive field… BUT that’s only PARTIALLY true!

Scott Bolan definition of a Warrior is this:

A Warrior Is One Who Fights For Their Own Self-Mastery…In EVERY Area Of Life”

Yes, EVERY area of life!




Yes, a Warrior is one who fights for their own self-mastery in EVERY area of life if they are to be a REAL and TRUE Warrior. After all…

What Good Is A BLACK BELT?

On his epic journey through the Martial Arts, Scott noticed that so many people would master their Martial Arts skills to the highest Black Belt levels – only to have other parts of their lives in a complete WRECK!

Just like Bruce Lee, Miyamoto Musashi and Sun Tzu, Scott was a pioneer in that he believed and promoted that the Martial Arts should be applied to ALL of Life for superior results!

“The True Science of Martial Arts Means Practicing Them in Such a Way That They Will Be Useful At ANY Time, and To Teach Them In Such a Way That They Will Be Useful in ALL Things.” – Miyamoto Musashi

Early on, Scott Bolan developed the Mental Warfare Secrets and Martial Mastery courses to fill the huge void that 99.8% of teachers and trainers were missing – combining the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Martial Arts (they are inseperable) for Life Mastery – even if you have no interest in learning how to punch or kick! These courses REVOLUTIONIZED the Martial Arts and Self-Improvement worlds.

Scott Bolan has continued to be a trail-blazer with groundbreaking new discoveries each year! And for 2018, he’s put together the ULTIMATE Membership program to take you from wherever you are to TOTAL LIFE WARRIOR!

Now You Can Become The Warrior you’ve always wanted
to be, and live like a BAD-ASS in your daily life!


Do you know what that means?

It means YOU – finally! – having complete control of your Body, Mind, Spirit and Circumstances, and getting what you want from other people and in all situations.

It means You having Deadly Hands that make you Dangerous to Attackers and all who would harm you.

It means You radiating a natural, unstoppable, magnetic Confidence that repels attackers and attracts hot women and opportunities, and opens up doors for you left and right.

This is all within your reach, and you can have it right now, and live this way for the rest of your life. It all starts by taking your first step – stepping on the path of Total Life Warrior.

Remember, it is ONLY the Warrior who WINS!

For years, Scott Bolan has been showing people how to win and get what they want using the Secrets of the Ninja, Samurai, Kahuna, Thugee, Sadhu and other Ancient and Modern Warriors.

The results have been amazing, and we constantly raving letters from students and friends all over the world jumping for joy and shouting….

This Stuff Works!

He’s helped thousands of people all over the world, and he can help YOU.

The bottom line is: Scott Bolan’s teachings are ELITE, CONFIDENTIAL and KICK-ASS


You see,

The Total Life Warrior is unlike ANY other Guru, Coach,
Trainer, PUA, etc, etc, whatever you want to call it


Because he knows what REALLY works and how SHOWS YOU HOW, he does what he says he can do, he’s a friend to the end (he doesn’t bullsh*t you in any way and is not an egomaniac).

He’s the real deal, and thousands of students (and a few haters) know it.



People who are jealous if you make money or get a hot soulmate. And people who are shallow, snickering, negative and envious people, and EMASCULATORS (those who engineer weakness and emasculation in men) hate him, because he’s RIGHT-ON!

The Total Life Warrior is so damn right-on and gives such powerful information that actually works, once you discover it just like so many of his students…

You’ll Be Jumping For Joy, Kicking Ass and Taking Names, and Feel Like You Can Walk Through Walls!

Look. I know you want “the edge” – the elite secrets and skills that aren’t available to the masses. You won’t find “the edge” at the McBookstore, on McTelevision, at the McDojo, and certainly not at the McPublicSchool with it’s DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN (“common core”? OMG!)

The Warrior’s Way is not offered to Masses. The powers that be and dark forces in high places don’t want Warriors, they want Sheeple, and so society is set up Brainwash and Hypnotize people to become Sheeple.

But NOT you.

You’re here now. You’re reading this. That means you KNOW that “the edge” that gives you the advantage in life and puts you ahead of the pack is off the beaten path and on the Warrior’s path.

Welcome, my Friend!

You Know that Truth is truth, power is power, and everything else is bullsh-t!

Anyone who believes otherwise can enjoy their dark cave of paranoia, militant mediocrity and too many hours spent with “Rosy Palm”

But for those who like truth, power, getting the real thing every night, and being Awesome-ized, Total Life Warrior is FOR YOU!

And right now, YOU are being invited to join Scott’s all-new Membership program that gives YOU the Keys to the ultimate teachings and trainings ….

The Total Life Warrior Membership program

Each month, you get a Confidential DVD or CD (hard copy or digital, your choice!) that gives you all the info and skills you need to get what you want, and live the way you want as a Warrior in Power and Freedom.

Each month’s disc keeps you on the Cutting Edge with ALL-NEW and CONFIDENTIAL teachings that Scott has never shared before and are not available in his other courses including the latest Elite…

  • Martial Arts & Combatives
  • Mental Warrior Training
  • Ninjutsu (Ancient Rituals, and Modern-day Skills)
  • Money-Manifesting
  • Attraction/Influence/Persuasion and Communication Mastery
  • Esoteric Mind Skills and Rituals for Life Mastery

This is like a complete Ninja-Ryu – “Ninja School” for DOMINATING LIFE.

Yes, I said “Dominating” Life – and that’s exactly what you should be doing.


If that really offends you, read no further. But if your’e with me this far, I think you know we’re on the same page and you really DO want to Win in life and get what you want…

and Forget All The Politically Correct B.S.!!!

Let THEM have their limp wrists, crappy Apartments (if they’re not living in their mom’s basement), pony-tails and man-purses and date hairy-legged chicks while they sip Latte’s…. shuddering at the thought of ever having to defend themselves!

YOU want the BEST in Life….

  • The Best BODY (you being strong as horse and looking ripped, quickly)
  • The Best FIGHTING SKILLS with “Shadow Techniques” They Can’t See and are LIGHTNING FAST
  • The Best MENTAL AND PSYCHIC SKILLS so you can control others and your own future
  • The Best and HOTTEST Soulmate
  • The Best MONEYMAKING You’ve Ever Done In Your Life (that you always hoped for)

Do you think I’m kidding? I’m not kidding in the slightest…

You see, one thing Scott does is
show YOU how to FLIP THE KILL-SWITCH whenever you want

These are the most powerful secrets you’ll ever discover!…

Yep. That’s how damn good this is and how damn good it works.

Within just a few minutes, you’ll learn HOW to actually DO these amazing things! Can you IMAGINE what you’ll discover in a one-hour DVD or, and monthly private Webinars (and more?)

You’ll be Walking Through Walls!

Now listen. This is CONFIDENTIAL information so I am not allowed to share it all here, but here’s just “some” of the things you’ll discover and get to keep forever when you join Scott’s Mastery Membership:

  • MOMENTAL MASTERY (Life is Made of Time. Time is Made of Moments. Master Each Moment and You Master Life Itself)
  • THRIVING (not just “Surviving”) IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES
  • The “LIVING WEAPON” Secret That You Always Have With You So You FEAR NO MAN
  • Energy and Mind “CLOAKING” to conceal your power and confuse enemies
  • Mind Control Techniques that actually work!
  • HOW TO BE AN ALPHA MALE (if you’re one of the Ladies reading this, you know you’ll LOVE it too and get huge empowerment!)
  • Instant “FAT MELTING” Tactic
  • The REVERSE MAGNET Technique To EASILY Attract What (and Who) You Want!
  • NASTY “Quick and Dirty” Fight-Finishers
  • Drop her “psychic shield” with a single glance! (use carefully)
  • Help friends solve their problems! (they’ll LOVE you for this)
  • How to Stop Energy Vampires, Manipulators and Deceivers (you KNOW exactly who I’m talking about!)
  • The Instant Energy technique that Inspires LOVE and INTIMACY INSTANTLY
  •  Hawaiian Warrior Methods to INCREASE Your Life Force to Live Longer, Stronger and HAPPIER and “STAY HARD” As Long As You Want!
  • The INNER WEAKNESS CRUSHER Technique so that you are always confident. NO MORE FEAR, EMBARRASSMENT, OR SELF-DOUBT – EVER.
  • How to magnetically attract QUALITY people into your life! (LOW QUALITY PEOPLE can destroy your life)
  • INSTANT MIND HACKER: Read people like an open book and guide them Hypnotically
  • SHINOBI MAGNETISM & RAPPORT: How to get Anyone to Like you and want to PLEASE YOU (even if they HATE you!)
  • 3 Secret Ways to EVAPORATE STRESS and ATTRACT MONEY (the king of the jungle does not get stressed out)
  • The Secret of Lasting CONFIDENCE Hypnotic Language Patterns and Phrases that will have them eating out of your hand
  • The “TIDAL WAVE” ENERGY SHIELD That Makes Your Enemies Flee From You
  • MARTIAL PHILOSOPHY: TOTAL LIFE WARRIOR METHODS that Clears Away All Confusion and Gives You The Answers from the HIDDEN REALMS (You get the same method used by Sun Tzu, Miyamoto Musashi, Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Takuan Soho, Hattori Hanzo, Kato Danzo, Bohidharma, and Bruce Lee!!!)
  • How to INFLUENCE REMOTELY AND ENERGETICALLY… including People you’ve never met or haven’t seen or spoken with in YEARS

and of course much much much much more….

Just imagine what you can DO with Skills like These!

My friend, I have given you as much information as I am allowed.

This will be one of the most empowering experiences of your life, so step on to your Path of Total Life Warrior with Scott Bolan as your personal coach, right now!

Now is your chance to become a Scott Bolan Total Life Warrior Member and get these elite skills for your self!

So here’s the deal: as of Feb. 3rd, the digital version will 997.00 for one full year (12 months), and 1007.00 for digital + hard copy.

But if you order by Feb. 3rd, you can have the digital version for only 297.00, or the digital + hard copy for only 397.00

Either way, hat’s a Huge Discount of Over Two Thirds Off!!!

If you discover just ONE new idea or tactic that can change your life, would it be worth it?

Of Course!

All I’m asking is that you give it a try and watch the magic happen in your life. In fact, Scott is so confident you will absolutely love this information he’s standing by it with a no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is that fair enough?

Order Now and Get 3,200 in FREE Bonuses…


You’ll be the first to get new videos, audios, articles, downloads, reports, and more in the password-protected members-only area of Scott Bolan’s website (1200.00)

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4) A personal Mastery Path private coaching session with Scott Bolan himself! Scott will speak with you via Phone or Skype and help you chart a personal path to Mastery (400.00)

5) THE ***PSYCHIC MIND FORCE*** SEMINAR! July 28,29 2018 in Las Vegas (795.00)

IMPORTANT (MUST-READ!) Last year Scott announced the July 2017 Seminar would be the final FREE Seminar for Members.

At the time we did not know that 2018 would be the final year he would offer a Membership. Since it’s the final year I asked Scott if he would do just one more as a “Customer Appreciation Seminar”.

He looked at me for a minute as if he was about to yell at me, and then he just smiled and said “Okay, why not?” – so YOU JUST GOT LUCKY! Scott has been preparing this for the last 2 years, you will be blown away when you discover Psychic Mind Force for your self.

At this point, you know you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So try something new, different, and kick-ass – and watch how people notice when you walk into a room!

I see it with Scott’s students and clients all the time, it’s absolutely awesome and as real as it gets.

Remember, you MUST order by Feb. 3rd to get the Deep Discount and the FREE Bonuses, so Order Now!